Friday, April 10, 2009

Adam Lambert crossing political boundaries

Michael Steele, while hosting Bill Bennett's show this morning, sang the praises of Mr. Lambert and said he immediately bought Lambert's cover of Mad World.


Stephanie said...

You heard about the Bill-O episode, right? Bill-O seemed disgusted about Adam's personal life and the fact that we're going to make him the next AmIdol. (I though Bill softened some by the end after right-wing pundit/writer Monica whats-her-name making a case for how his sexual preference shouldn't matter.)

Adam's fans are going to want him to be able to get married if/when he wants to, so he might actually have an effect on policy. I'm hoping.

Scooter said...

Nope. If I hear anything that has anything related to Bill-O in it, I curl up in a fetal position and put my hands over my ears.