Monday, April 20, 2009

Fair Tax

I read Boortz's book a couple of years ago and while it has merits, ultimately I'm not a supporter...if for no other reason that it would require a constitutional amendment. Else, we'd ultimately end up with both a national sales tax AND an income tax.

Tonight Hewitt is hawking his new book on the Fair Tax Fantasy.

Mom loved one Republican's endorsement of the Fair Tax during the primaries last year.

Now, for those who don't know, I live in a run down shack in what is probably Austin's toniest zip code. I do so not because of the neighborhood but because it is five minutes from my office. As everyone knows, Austin is the most liberal of all Texas cities. In my mind, it ranks right up there with many college towns in that respect...think Boulder. Stephanie could probably confirm what I've heard about Madison and Ann Arbor.

It may be the most liberal part of the most liberal city in Texas.

After the first wave in Iraq commenced, there were many, many flags flying in my neighborhood. What's so unusual about that? They were UN flags.

Today, I noticed something really unusual when I came home for lunch. A neighbor had a really tacky, handmade sign in his or her front yard. On white poster board scrawled in magic marker:

"Support the Fair Tax!" with a link to some kind of url that supports it.

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Stephanie said...

Strange. I'm not seeing any such thing in my neighborhood which seems very liberal to me (our precinct voted for Kucinich in 04). We didn't have UN flags after 9/11, but in the runup to Iraq we were blanketed with peace messages (and still are). Will keep an eye out for flat tax sentiment, but I think we're all about progressive taxation.