Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Not a great week - New Update as of 09/22/09

Finished up with one of my specialists this morning. One of possible candidates for the root of my problems was something heart related. So I was referred to a cardiologist. I've had several tests done in the past couple of weeks, one of which was to wear a heart monitor for 48 hours. My follow-up with him was today and to "close the book" on this avenue, he suggested a treadmill stress test.

Bottom line: whatever is causing my symptoms is NOT heart related as far as he can tell. I could lose some weight (like I didn't already know that) and while my resting heart-rate is a bit high, it's not high enough to warrant any concern. I've always thought my resting/normal heart-rate was on the high side, especially compared to my dad's, which is very low. He admitted that they wanted something to occur while I was wearing the monitor (this wasn't a surprise) and only noticed "a few extra beats every now-and-then", but nothing out of the ordinary or a concern.

So, while I still don't know what exactly is going on, it appears that I've received a clean bill of health on the cardio front. My last test with specialist #2 is later today - I'm hoping his news is good as well.


Stephanie said...

Thanks for the update. Are they working their way through your testing from the most likely or common cause to the least likely? or from the thing that would need the most immediate attention to the least?

love johnson said...

No rhyme or reason on the testing. Just based on when I got in to see the specialists and when the tests could be worked in. Not a great sense or urgency, but not totally lax either.