Friday, October 09, 2009

Adam with strings

There's tons of tweeting, stories, rumors about who is writing, producing, working on songs for Adam Lambert's upcoming album (set to drop Nov. 24). Generally, I fret that it'll be too electronic/synthy for my tastes. But here are a couple tweets from yesterday that make me really excited that I'll love at least some of it:

The album is as yet untitled. No single has been released. Within hours of the album being available for pre-order on Amazon last week, it zoomed to the top of Amazon's "Best Selling" charts. It's now settled to No. 8. (This is obviously not all-time sale numbers, but a sales-frequency kind of ranking that reflects recent sales activity.) It seems that Time for Miracles, from the 2012 soundtrack, will be released as a single before RCA releases something else from Adam's album as a single. (It's possible that TFM will be on Adam's album, but signs were pointing to no.)

Update: a tiny segment of Time for Miracles can be heard here (h/t to ontd_ai).

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