Saturday, November 14, 2009

Something else from Adam

Another track, "Whataya Want From Me", off Adam's album, For Your Entertainment, is streaming on Perez' site here. This song is quite a bit different from the first dance-y single, For Your Entertainment. WWFM is a tune written by Pink. It's total radio-friendly pop, for better or worse.

I'd like to live in the counter-melody/harmony-overlay at 2:51-2:54.

Update: Whataya Want From Me is available for download on It's also streaming there. The album will be available Nov. 23.


Stephanie said...

OT: If anyone is baffled by the Lady Gaga phenomenon and you missed her on SNL, try this audio of her SNL performance:

It sounds at least partially improvised to me. She's playing the piano. (She's also wearing a set of large circular rings that seemed to be having technical difficulties.)

Anonymous said...

There were a couple of similar moments on Idol that really stood out.

Stephanie said...

Similar moments for Adam? or Gaga?

Stephanie said...

If you meant Adam, then see 1:50-1:53:

Not a counter melody, but a lovely departure from the usual melody.