Thursday, June 24, 2010

NYT on Adam's concerts at the Nokia

Jon Pareles, writing for NYT, seems to have felt the same way I did, but he does a better job expressing it:
[W]hile Mr. Lambert has worked in musical theater since the early 1990s, his performance was by turns rushed and sluggish: groups of set pieces punctuated by his band playing in the dark, while Mr. Lambert changed to a different black costume.

His greatest asset is his voice, which is made for melodramatic crescendos and heroic upward leaps. But for many songs, it was all but buried in overeager band arrangements and phantom backing voices — tricks that lesser singers hide behind. Eventually, he calmed the band for a drumless segment, though the singing was more showy than intimate.
There’s a big-voiced showman in Mr. Lambert, ready to surface when he worries less about pleasing everyone or hitting his marks.

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