Friday, July 02, 2010

Comcast's role in delivering audience to Fox News

I've just discovered something unsettling.

We intended to downgrade our Comcast cable TV service for the summer, from the ridiculously priced $80/month package (with gazillions of channels, but no HBO etc)  to their $10/mo plan that would give us decent reception, but no cable channels.  I called to make the service change and the customer service person explained that if we made that change, our internet service would increase by $10 and oh-by-the-way we offer a $20/month "family" cable package that would include lots of channels, though not all that we have been getting.  In other words, for the same amount we were willing to pay for zero cable channels, we could have a bunch of cable channels.  She rattled off the list of channels that I didn't pay much attention to since we were prepared to not have any.

Here's the strangest thing:  the "family" cable package includes Fox News Channel, but does not include MSNBC.  This gives me a new perspective on audience numbers for cable news shows.

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