Friday, September 10, 2010


Let me just note that neither of the Christians writing here have used this public space to condemn the Koran-burning event. Should I infer that you approve of the event? And if not, then may we please put an end to giving any credence to new reports or analysis that draw conclusions about Muslim "support" for violent criminals simply because they haven't uttered their condemnation to a reporter whose publication wanted to print it?


Michael said...

God Bless America and pass the charcoal lighter.

Michael said...

I'm not sure I'm guilty of what you claim, but let's assume I am. I'm not interested in the "where are the moderate Muslims" on this or that topic. I am interested when a "moderate" Muslim like Rauf refuses to denounce Hamas when asked a direct question, or claims that we are somehow responsible for or an accessory to 9-11, and I think it's more than fair to point those things out.