Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Adam's Glam Nation Tour winds to a close

Adam's Glam Nation Tour is over, except for two final shows in LA in mid-December. When the tour started in May, I wondered how Adam's voice would hold out. He's now been on the road for 6 months, headlining about 110 sold out shows around the world, performing typically 4 shows per week, and here's what his voice sounded like in the encore of his show last night in London. Twentieth Century Boy:

Have I mentioned I'm going to LA to see his final show on December 16?

Update moments later: Here's Soaked from last night's show in London. Adam has identified this song as the most challenging vocally in his set.


love johnson said...

Are you going JUST to see the final show or for some other reason and fate was smiling upon you?

Stephanie said...

My best friend in childhood -- went to nursery school and all years after and took piano together -- lives in Laguna Niguel. She's an actualfax musician (masters in piano performance from Julliard) and she's been following along with my interest in Adam and likes him too. So this is her chance to see him perform live. And I am just so very happy to facilitate this and join her for the concert and spend some time with her.