Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Gee...election day was yesterday? Guess I missed it.

Just a few observations....

1) I was really torn about the Nevada Senate race. Did I want the waste of a Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid or the absolute wacko Sharron Angle to win? For comedic value, I was sorta rooting for Angle; at least when she spoke, she wouldn't put me to sleep. Sadly, for my insomnia issues, Reid somehow won.

2) In the same vein, I was also torn about the Delaware Senate race, where again, for comedic value, I was really torn about perhaps wanting a witch being a member of the hallowed Senate. Alas, Christine O' Donnell couldn't pull out the victory. The question I have is....was that because of her poor campaign skills, her poor debate skills, or her poor witch-craft skills?

3) I tried, really tried, to watch CNN last night. Wolf would get all excited around the top and bottom of the hours about polls closing and how "I think we'll have some projections, so stayed tuned, you might be surprised". They would have this little countdown clock and when it would hit 0:00, they would announce some are the ones I saw...

With 0% of precincts reporting, CNN projects John McCain
With 0% of precincts reporting, CNN projects Chuck Grassley
With 0% of precincts reporting, CNN projects David Vitter
With 0% of precincts reporting, CNN projects Roy Blunt

Wow, way to go out on a limb there CNN. Exactly which one of these was a surprise? This is when I tuned off election coverage.

4) And finally, Dallas re-elected our version of Sheila Jackson Lee, Eddie Bernice Johnson. She has recently been found to have been awarding Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Scholarship money to relatives and children of aides, some of which don't even live in her district. Of course, she won re-election in a land-slide. When this all came out, she of course blamed the media and of course, the vast majority of her supporters sided with her and also blamed the media. I'm not exactly sure what the media had to do with it but when in doubt, blame them.


Stephanie said...

Have paid almost no attention to the election. Repub sweep in 2010 was predetermined by econ collapse of 2008 that wasn't going to be noticeably better for years.

We're probably headed for a recount for our governor.

Scooter said...

From a strictly pragmatic conservative side of things, the Reid victory is a good one if conservatives weren't going to take the Senate. I'd much rather have an ineffective Reid than Chuck Schumer as Majority leader. I bet that secretly the President thinks, "This is what I have to work with?"

Conservatives can say what they want about the Speaker but she's effective.

Did you see Begala and Carville on CNN before you turned it off? I worked with/for them in the early 80's when they managed Doggett's ultimately ill-fated senate campaign against P. Graham. You can imagine the looks I get today in my political circles when they come up. It makes me feel old to see the young guns of the Clinton era seem so "old-school."

Broden never stood a chance it that district against EBJ and he's a good man in spite of some of his loopy comments.

Look for Governor Haircut to start his national campaign soon.

Stephanie said...

Yeah, Harry Reid is a disaster for us. Unlikely, but possible, that Senate Dems would ask him to step aside for Schumer. Pelosi is also a bad face for the party, regardless of her legislative effectiveness.

9000 vote spread in the unofficial numbers in the MN governor race, which is less than .5% of total votes, so that means a mandatory recount.

As you may have heard, MN state senate and house have both gone red. First time in many many decades for the state senate.

Michael said...

Obi-Wan: "Barring mass criminal GOP misbehavior, the House will stay in conservative hands for many years to come and that means any liberal legislation is a non-starter."