Monday, December 13, 2010

Where are they now? Updates about a few of Scooter's favorite Vikings

Bud Grant

As I mentioned, he's still employed by the Vikings.  He hunts and fishes like crazy and often appears on hunting/fishing shows, like Kent Hrbek's show.  (I thought Bud hosted his own snow, but I'm not able to find anything about it.) He appears on gun calendars for the Minnesota Outdoor Heritage Association. Bud was visible in getting a MN constitutional amendment that dedicates funding to game/fish/wildlife and parks.  (Story about that is here, with a fairly recent picture. Bud is as fit and growly-looking as ever.)

 In his free time, he reads not only the entries, but also the comments, at SSJ.

Alan Page

Alan Page is a justice on the Minnesota Supreme Court.  He was first elected in 1992.  His 2010 election will be his last because, during this term, he'll reach the mandatory retirement age (70).

Carl Eller

It's not fair to reduce the whole of his life to one event, but this is pretty much what people think about when we think of Carl these days: an arrest for assaulting a police officer after being stopped for driving under the influence for the second time in a couple of years.  He's publicly battled chemical dependency for years/decades.

Chuck Foreman
Chuck Foreman is a public school teacher in the area.  Fun to see old football footage of him at his official website.

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Scooter said...

How cool would it be to have “Mr. Foreman” as your teacher? Too many of those clips were of him decimating the Cowboys. Still, love to watch him run.

Sad about Carl…I think I’d heard about his hard times.

I think I’d heard Page was a lawyer. Not sure I knew he’d made it to the Supremes; nice career, indeed.

You’re right about how Bud looks. I don’t think he’s aged a day. Growly is the perfect adjective.