Saturday, February 12, 2011

How many songs do you hear in Gaga's Born This Way

I (and all of Twitter) heard Express Yourself when we first heard Gaga's Born This Way. Cheeks (aka Brad Bell, musician, comedian, actor, internet personality) heard several songs and does an amazing job singing all of them while Born This Way plays in the background. (This impresses me because I always had trouble concentrating on singing my part of Row, Row, Row Your Boat in round.)

As listed and time coded by commenter AznShmiley, the songs he sings are as follows:
0:00-0:31 TLC- Waterfalls
0:32-1:01 Madonna- Express Yourself
1:02-1:08 Madonna- Vogue
1:09- 1:53 David Guetta- When Love Takes Over
1:54- 2:00 Kelly Clarkson- Walk Away
2:01 - 2:11 P!nk- God is a DJ
2:17 - 2:47 Madonna- Vogue
2:48 - 3:05 Adam Lambert - Fever

Cheeks' YouTube Channel.

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