Thursday, November 17, 2011

Biking down some stairs

K and I took up mountain biking in July.  It is the most fun thing that humans can do.  I'm particularly fond of biking down steep, bumpy, tree-rooted downhills.  I think I'm now addicted to the adrenaline rush from the danger.  This has been an awakening for me; before July, I was afraid to ride my bike off a curb.

One of the "features" in my favorite trail is a curved, concrete staircase, with a steep drop off on the outside of the curve.  The first couple times we rode this trail, I was too scared to bike down it.

Here's K trying to bike down these stairs for the first time today:

I like the bike flying down the hill at about 00:48.  He's afraid of heights, so he has avoided riding down these stairs for months.

This video shows my first ride down the stairs a couple months ago:

The whooping and hollering is embarrassing, but it was a personal victory.  It's not technically difficult to bike down these stairs; you just have to conquer the fear.

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