Thursday, March 16, 2006

Re: The Dennis The Peasant Blogging System...

Ok, I've learned a couple of things from Michael's post directing us to Dennis the Peasant's comments on blogging:

First, my favorite topic (Economics) is apparently the kiss o' death unless one's name is Williams, Sowell or Stossel.

Second, we need to find a couple of demographics/subjects to "hate." This will be difficult for me. Had been considering expanding upon that Conservatives are Happy, Liberals are Angry theme that was widely discussed a few weeks ago. I think it largely true, with exceptions like David Horowitz. I don't do well expressing things in the harsh heat of hate.

I suppose I need to rethink this. Obviously, we'll never have the time to devote to that serious anlysis Dennis describes in part one. I forget what our original subhead was but it was essentially an admission that there'd never be an original thought posted here.

(Btw, Dennis, I post right now from an office overlooking the Barton Creek Greenbelt, in Austin, Texas...not and 8'x6' cubicle, but I get your point. My blogging and blog reading certainly slows down after 6:00 and on weekends.)

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