Tuesday, March 14, 2006

So much to blog about, so little time

Gotta do a "quick-hit" type post, because I don't have time to go into lots of detail on all the subject I want to mention. Have many, many errands to run today, have a call-back interview as well (keeping fingers crossed). Well, here goes...

1) One of the things you learn quite quickly when you attend the University of Arkansas is that you NEVER say anything positive about any Texas school, especially ut austin. So that is one reason why I didn't mention the lady longhorns winning the indoor T&F national championship.
Another reason is that I have no interest at all for any women's sports. And to put the Razorbacks national championship in perspective, out of the last 22 indoor T&F national championships, the UA as won 19 of them. Simply awesome.

2) Read British Envoy on US in Iraq: Thirteen Words Say It All this today on Klos and loved it. My favorite part:

"The most striking thing about this list is ... how generic the areas of failures are for the Bush administration. This is modus operandi for this bunch. Switch out the proper names of the people and entities involved, and you've got yourself Katrina. Tweak it a bit for the bureaucratic stage and you've got Medicare D. And these are the people who want us to trust them to reform Social Security. Ha! Not on your life. Or rather, not on mine."

3) Regarding the word test, I understand why my fellow SSJ'ers would be surprised that I got any of the Bible ones, but I've seen tests like this before and they always have Bible-type questions. The ones that threw me were the South African ones. I think I know the one you are having trouble with - here is a clue, you have to know something about cricket.

4) Heard this morning that Issac Hayes is leaving "South Park". I would think that I'm not in the demographic that Trey and Matt are targeting, but I love SP. "Chef" will be missed. And if you have the chance, try to find video of SP doing their rendition of "The Aristocrats" - it's on the net if you look. If you are into the SP thing, it is well worth the effort.

5) And finally, C and I have been on a diet since the beginning of January. My goal was to lose 30 lbs. Well...as of this morning, I've lost 31!!!! Now the real hard part starts - keeping it off.

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Scooter said...

Good luck with that "call-back." What are you, and actor now? I've never heard that term in the biz world before but I suppose it's just as applicable.

(Not terribly interested in women's sports either but couldn't not mention it in my reply.)

Congrats on the weight loss, too.