Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ann Coulter - Part II

So I was driving to work Monday morning and instead of listening to a sports talk station as I normally do, I’m listening to Mike Gallagher. He is doing a 15-20 minute diatribe about not only Ms. Coulters’ statement, but the reaction and response by “fellow conservatives”. First, he is blasting away at Laura Ingram, Hugh Hewitt, Bill Bennett and some other woman whose name I don’t know. Saying that they “have turned on her” and “unlike Ann Coulter, who isn’t afraid to attack liberals, they seem to wagging their fingers at her and telling her bad girl, bad girl.” He applauds Ms. Coulter for her statements and in fact, doesn’t seem to think there was anything wrong about what she said. Again, echoing the sentiment that the term used wasn’t meant as an anti-gay slander, but as a “schoolyard” insult. That it was a joke – a joke that everyone in the room understood because they laughed. He went on and on about how it wasn’t offensive, that it wasn’t derogatory anyway since Edwards isn’t gay.

What I found amusing during this rant was that he kept saying that “the word”, “the term”, the “slang word” she used wasn’t offensive. Yet…he would never say it. Why not, if it isn’t offensive? If he agreed that it was meant in a “schoolyard taunt” manner, why didn’t he say the word? If the word isn’t offensive, if it was “a joke” or “part of a joke”, why not repeat the joke? Probably because he knows she crossed the line and the term IS offensive. It doesn’t matter whether he or Ms. Coulter don’t think it is – if someone is offended, its offensive.

Of course, he concludes by saying that even if it WERE offensive, “liberals” having been calling “conservatives” and “republicans” worse. Why is OK for them to say offensive things, but not “conservatives”? Great argument. Instead of trying to get both sides to get out of the gutter, to stop the hate-speak and attack-dog journalism, so we can get some intelligent debate and discussion on issues and policy, he takes the position of a child caught in the act of doing something wrong who says…”well, THEY did it first”.

Just another reminder why I gave up on talk radio. Why I thought anything had changed is beyond me. I’m going to stick to sports scores and sports talk…until I get sick of hearing about how the Cowboys are going to win the Super Bowl.


Michael said...

You've always been kind of faggy yourself.

Scooter said...

Coulter was a dope. Really hurt herself this time but it won't stop me from reading her columns or her books. Clearly she was preening and it certainly got her lots of pub.

One small point: Gallagher is a dope, too. If he defines talk radio for you, you should flee. Hewitt, Bennett and Ingraham are all much better (though I agree with you the Ingraham's use of the royal "we" can be annoying in the extreme).

Hewitt can be a bit too prosecutorial with his guests and Ingraham can certainly get shrill, but I've never heard Bennett be less than gentlemanly. Not that I think any of these would persuade you....

If only Ann had added, "Not that there's anything wrong with that."

Scooter said...

I woulda thought that sports radio is all Mavs, all the time about now.

love johnson said...

The only reason I was listening to Gallagher is because he is on in the mornings when I'm driving to work. Bennett, Ingram and Hewitt are not on here when I am in my car.

As for the Mavs, yes they talk about them, but not as much as you would think. This is Texas - football rules