Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Re: Coulter Part Deux

LJ wrote, "It doesn’t matter whether he or Ms. Coulter don’t think it is – if someone is offended, its offensive."

Not sure you really mean that. If someone is offended, it's offensive to that person. But that person may be unreasonable.


love johnson said...

You are correct, I don't totally agree. But these days it seems all it takes is one person to say "that's offensive" or "i'm offended and that's it. Example is the big deal over sports teams and nicknames. Someone writes a letter to the NCAA and says "that name offends me", then boom. Marquette, Illinois, South Dakota St (who had letters from tribal leaders saying they were OK with the name "fighting sioux".

I just don't it's up to the person using a term or phrase to conclude it isn't offensive. Obviously enough people, not all crazies, have come out and said that her usage of that term was out-of-line.

Scooter said...

I agree. Certainly it's not up to the speaker either. The mascot example is perfect.