Saturday, May 05, 2007

Dallas v. Houston

This could be an interesting thread. I love both cities and choose to live in neither at the moment. Both are vibrant, thriving cities.

Dallas has the edge on the symphony and Houston has the opera. In both one could dine in GREAT restaurant every night and never repeat for a year.

I grew up with the Cowboys (that loyalty only waned slightly when the thugs ruled the roost in the late 90s) and the hapless Rangers. Lived in Houston for the back-to-back championships and loved them more for the effect on my friends than for my own joy. LOVE the Astros but wish Pudge had never left Arlington.

Both are huge sprawling messes and mass transportation sucks but the people want it that way.

Dallas has some hills; Houston has the trees. Both are hotter than hell and both flood like hell.

Dallas has tornadoes; Houston has hurricanes.

Not sure about the conservative v. liberal thing. Both seem solidly red to me.

Although I haven't followed either paper lately, I've always thought the Morning News one of the nation's best.

Money drips in both cities for those who have the drive to earn it. Opportunity abounds.

Great secondary education easily available but both cities really have to defer to Austin...ok, Rice trumps SMU and UT but on a large scale or if one has a hyper-specialized interest...

I've love Denver but both Houston and Dallas are in Texas.

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