Monday, May 07, 2007

Re: Dallas vs. Houston

I have to agree to disagree with some of your comparisons between the two cities. At the outset, let me say that I am talking about Dallas proper, not Dallas-Fort Worth, nor all the little mini-cities that make up what most people consider Dallas. On the Houston side, I'm not talking about the far-from-the-city-center suburbs ala Kingwood, The Woodlands, Sugarland, Clear Lake, etc.

On the arts comparison (as I now go against the guidelines I mentioned above), Fort Worth surpasses Dallas easily, which to me makes Houston far ahead of Dallas.

Restaurants - I thought Houston had tons of great ones until I moved here. It is truly unbelievable as to the number of great places. On the plus side for Dallas is the yearly "Restaurant Week" sponsored by KRLD to benefit the Dallas Food Bank. For a $30 fixed price, you get a 3 course meal at any of the many restaurants that are involved. And the week usually stretches to 3. And we are talking 4 and 5 star places (Mansion on Turtle Creek, Nana, Nobu to name a few). It is a great way to go to the places that would normally be out your price range and get the same quality food/service. C and I hit 3 or 4 every year. We have friends that almost go every night.

Traffic/Mass Transit - Dallas again is the winner. First of all, the traffic isn't that bad anyway. There are spots that get backed up and weather can play a part, but unlike 610 between I-10 and 59 that seems to be a total parking lot 24/7, during the day traffic moves quite easily here. Plus I can't think of one freeway in Dallas that is under construction. 45 and 610 and I-10 in Houston seemingly always are. And the DART light-rail/bus system is used much more than I had thought. Plus the train service between Dallas and Ft. Worth. When I worked at Ernst and Young (in downtown Dallas), I drove 5 miles to a train station, caught the train into downtown Dallas, then took the DART light-rail to a stop across the street from my building. From the time I left my house to the time I walked in the building was about 50 minutes. Free parking at the train station and EY picked up a BIG part of the DART/Train pass fee (cost me about $20 a month). Other than the Park-N-Ride system for folks who live WAY out, Houston has what, that stupid rail system between the Dome and Medical Center?

Yes, both cities are hotter than hell, but Dallas (usually) doesn't have the humidity and even when it's 100+, it doesn't feel that hot, especially in the shade.

The Chronicle is a rag, compared to almost any daily paper. It is just "too busy" and difficult to read.

Maybe after the political anti-Christ got through redrawing district lines Houston became more Republican, but I think in general, Dallas is a more conservative place than Houston. SJL...need I say more?

And Houston is just a sprawling, dirty, billboard infested place. Dallas has a much cleaner, newer look to it. If the Dallas mayor and council could just get off their asses and do something to downtown so that it doesn't become a wasteland weekdays after 6 and on weekends. All they need to do is look to their little brother Fort Worth. Their downtown is awesome.

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