Monday, May 07, 2007

Re: Houston v. Dallas

Ok, if we are going to discuss this, you're right, we ought to set some ground rules.

It's hard to take the suburbs out of the picture, at least for me. What are Coppell, Plano, Garland, The Woodlands, Sugar Land, Katy, the Park Cities, and Bellaire, if not part of their neighboring behemoths? Aren't Kingwood and Clear Lake now actually part of Houston? I thought they'd been annexed. But, I'll try to accept your premise.

I also have to defer to your more recently having lived in both cities. I grew up in Dallas but left there in 1978 and haven't lived in Houston since 1995. I thought that might make me more objective but it may just make me less informed. I certainly agree that towns like that one with the minor league baseball team shouldn't count for Dallas...In my youth I used to camp on the farms/ranches that used to be there.

Fort Worth is definitely its own city (if only by its own proclamation) and its ARTS certainly slam that of Dallas in every area save Music. Thank G-d for the Bass and Hunt families. And you're right about its downtown, too. Very user-friendly, even after hours.

Traffic/Mass Transit: I'll defer to you on the latter but my last few trips through the city, including after peak hours, were hell.

More to come.

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