Friday, May 11, 2007

Big D in the NYT

The Newspaper of Record has a story on Dallas today. We all know that the Times is unbiased and scrupulously fair, so let's see what we can learn about Big D.

Gosh, not a very flattering photo. What else?

"[T]he nation’s ninth-largest metropolis, long troubled by crime, scandals, racial polarization and government gridlock." Yikes.

"[T]here is also Deep Ellum, the once-vibrant blues district that has proved a graveyard of renewal hopes — 'It’s just looking worse and worse all the time,' said Gianna Madrini, a fashion videographer who heads the neighborhood association — and a federal lawsuit is challenging the city’s restrictions on feeding the homeless in public."

"Mr. Hill, the mayor pro tem, has been under the cloud of a federal investigation for two years since tapes leaked from an F.B.I. undercover operation revealed a developer’s negotiating a $50,000 payoff with a lawyer and contractors seeking Mr. Hill’s support for a commercial development."

"The corruption inquiry and leaks have deepened longstanding tensions among blacks in South Dallas, which has historically been shortchanged on development projects, schools and city services. Resentments have festered since Ms. Miller pressured the city manager to fire Dallas’s first African-American police chief after a scandal involving a drug-frame-up in 2003...."

"Dallas still leads major cities in crime, largely because of thefts...."

"A current uproar is over the future of the Trinity River park project for flood control and recreation, which has yet to see any of the sailboat ponds and aesthetic bridges that were promised to voters in 1998."

Goodness, Houston looks like a paradise compared to this cesspool...

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