Friday, May 11, 2007

Texas weather

These numbers come from CityRating.Com ( No idea what period of time they claim to cover or even if they're accurate, but they match my preconceived notions so I'll go with them.

Average temp in Dallas for June/July/August: 81/85.3/84.9. Same for Houston: 80.4/82.6/82.3. Houston is indeed a couple of degrees cooler.

Relative humidity for Dallas in A.M. for same months: 85/80/79; in P.M.: 58/52/52. Same for Houston: 92/92/93; 63/61/61. Ouch.

Number of days above 90 degrees in Dallas: 97. 99 in Houston.

Average temp in Dallas for December/January/February: 46.9/43.4/47.9. Same for Houston: 53.5/50.4/53.9. Several degrees warmer in Houston.

Number of days below 32 degrees in Dallas: 37. 18 in Houston. (Not even close this year; I doubt we had four days below 32 this winter.)

Here's a surprise: Number of clear days in Dallas: 135; only 90 in Houston.

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