Friday, May 11, 2007

Re: Dallas Morning News

Scooter, regarding your question about local news here. I normally watch ABC (channel 8). They are the leader, by far, in this market. Several months ago, they started broadcasting all their newscasts in HD. They also moved their studios to "Victory Park", which is the new development around the AAC (American Airlines Center). The setup is like a mini Times Square, with video screen and access for the public to see into the studio. Dale Hansen is the #1 sports guy. An arrogant s.o.b. One of the week-night female anchors (Macie Jepson) is mentioned all the time on 1310 The Ticket (she is rather well-endowed). The NBC station (channel 5) is #2. We sometimes watch them. Newy Scruggs is their sports guy and I like him. He's pretty funny and has a running thing with one of the guys on the Ticket- they REALLY don't like each other. CBS (channel 11) sucks and we never watch them. I think that is where the old color guy for the Cowboys (Babe Laufenberg) is the #1 sports guy. The main anchor, Tracy Rowlett, has been there forever and i thin k is retiring sometime this year. Or maybe not, I"ll never know because I never watch them.

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