Friday, May 11, 2007

Houston and Dallas

Couple of more thoughts:

LJ is right about the dry parts of Dallas and its 'burbs. I remember growing up in what used to be North Dallas in the 60s and would be driving around, cross a major street and all of a sudden there would be trash everywhere. Why trash on one side of the street and not the other? The trashy side was wet and the other side dry.

Zoning and No Zoning: As my compadres know or probably suspect, as a free marketeer, I favor Houston's approach. The less regulations the better, notwithstanding any "nimby" feelings I might have about where I might live. I would NEVER live in a community with "deed restrictions" and an HOA. As Michael learned, busybodies have way too much time on their hands. Living in a city with zoning laws (and boy do I ever) gives the guvmint that authority that I don't even want to cede to an HOA over which I theoretically could exercise more control. If I want to put my truck up on blocks, then I'm going to do it. This misanthrope would rather live out in the boonies...but close enough to enjoy the benefits. And here I am living in the most meddlesome city in the state.

I'd say the weather is a draw...October/November and March/April being the best months in either city give or take.

Having lived in Dallas for my 18 formative years and in Houston for 10, my main conclusion is that the two cities are more similar than either would like to admit.

What about "friendliness?" I know this is Tejas, but I honestly found Houston a bit friendlier. Not sure what to make of that.

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