Friday, May 11, 2007

Dallas Morning News

While I only read it rarely now, I still love it. (Disclosure: I slung the Dallas Times Herald in my youth.)

That doesn't mean it isn't suffering the fate of the NYT or the LAT in circulation.

LJ, I'd be interested on your thoughts about local TV news. Since I lived there while so young, much of my view is colored by the local sports anchors. Verne Lundquist at the ABC affiliate and Brad Sham at the CBS affiliate (back when it was channel 4)...glory days. The NBC guy died at least 15 years ago but he was great, too. I'm embarrassed that I can't recall his name. He was play by play for the Cowboys with Verne before Sham came in to sit in with Verne as color. I think I have that right.

And the NBC affiliate had a great, crusty, genuine meteorologist Harold Taft. Bob Shieffer began his career there.

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