Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Nothing to Lose

As I believe I have mentioned before, I will give Michael full credit for turning me onto the Jack Reacher series. I'm not sure what drew me to the Reacher character. I think it's the combination of being totally "off-the grid" and his "a bit over the top" tough SOB persona. I've read that Ben Affleck has been mentioned as the screen version of Reacher when one of these novels is made into a film. I don't quite see it ( I don't think he's tall/big enough), though I don't know who else would fit the bill.

As for Nothing to Lose, I enjoyed it of course. The plot was a bit far-fetched for me, especially based on the other Reacher novels. Childs' version of the twin-cities was just too out there. A great summer read though.

I would think that Michael and T have read this by now. If so, would be interested in your comments.

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