Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More lefty anguish from Salon

"A man and a woman whose values we loathe and despise -- lying, rageful and incompetent, so dangerous to children and old people, to innocent people in every part of the world -- are being worshiped, exalted by the media, in a position to take a swing at all that is loveliest about this earth and what's left of our precious freedoms. When I got home from church, I drank a bunch of water to metabolize the Dove bar and called my Jesuit friend, who I know hates these people, too. I asked, 'Don't you think God finds these smug egomaniacs morally repellent? Recoils from their smugness as from hot flame?'
And he said, 'Absolutely. They are everything He or She hates in a Christian.'" [Lileks on Twitter]

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Scooter said...

Pity that Ann is one the author of two of my favorite books: Bird by Bird and one called either Operating Instructions or Driving Instructions.