Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Car Query since the ailing three are on the verge

I have a Dodge Dakota truck. Since I’ve been buying, I’ve had a Ford that was made in Germany (Jim Rome’s sled..boy was that a mistake after year 2), a Honda Accord, and Ford Taurus.

Our former blog brother and spouse have two Ford SUVs though both have also owned Toyota’s in the past.

I know LJ once had a Lexus.

I’ve never really bought anything over something else because it was made here that I can recall but I do remember being a bit self-satisfied that my "German" car profited Ford.


Stephanie said...

Now, of course, would not be a good time to start buying American cars.

Isn't it the case these days that it's not so clear which cars are "American"? Parts may not come from the same place a car is assembled, etc.

I'm a Honda girl. To the big 3 I say "compete or go home".

Scooter said...

To your question...sure. If I'm not mistaken all the little Ford/Mazda trucks (I forget what they are called) are made in Canada.

love johnson said...

Here is a list of vehicles that I have owned:

Toyota Corolla
Honda Accord
Toyota Celica
Saturn Vue (currently driving)
Toyota Camry (currently C's)

I've never owned a car less than 6 years or driven one less than 100,000 miles. I want reliability, reasonable cost (I bought my Lexus when they were brand new and got a great deal on it - plus it was the cheapest one they made), well made vehicles. I trust Japan to do this better than Detroit.

Scooter said...

Ah. I was trying to recall what you drove before the Lexus...now I remember.

Stephanie said...

I've only owned two. Both Accords. Owned both for 9+ years and over 115,000 miles.

My folks only owned Buicks. They kept each for about 20 years. (In Bismarck, it would take almost that long to get to 100,000).