Friday, November 21, 2008

How can he stand himself?

On Nov. 5, Norm Coleman was reported to have received about 600 more votes than Al Franken. As I posted earlier, Norm then pronounced that if he were in Franken's shoes, he would concede and forego a recount and let the healing begin. (No mention of making sure the will of the MN voters was properly and fully determined.)

So the mandatory recount is perking along and Franken keeps gaining ground. At this point in the recount (about 60% done, I think), according to Franken's camp today, Norm is only up by fewer than 100 votes. There's more Franken territory left to be counted than Coleman territory, so it seems possible that Franken will come out ahead at the end of the recount.

In light of this, Normie today said that he won't give up his right to challenge the election results. He's ready to head to court. He says he was sleep-deprived when he demanded that Franken give up his right to a recount. Oy.

It's entirely possible that Minnesota's senator will be elected by just a handful or two of votes. Almost 3 million votes cast.

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Scooter said...

Sleep-deprived? I know it's hard for me to admit when I've said something completely stupid. I always just try to shrug is off and say, "I was a dope." That way I get to imply I was wrong without really saying so. But at least being a dope says something a little stronger than the sleep-deprived defense..I, I did something stupid.

Sleep-deprived sounds too much like the Twinkie defense to me.