Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas in Big D

Be careful LJ.

DALLAS (AP) - Authorities pressed a manhunt Tuesday for a gunman in a pickup truck who is suspected of killing two people and injuring another in a series of rush hour shootings on Dallas-area roads.

The suspect was last seen Monday evening heading west on Interstate 635, which loops Dallas and connects to other interstates, said Sgt. Gil Cerda, a Dallas police spokesman.

The shootings happened within minutes of each other. Afterward, rush hour traffic slowed along the highway as police shut down all westbound lanes of 635 east of the shooting scenes for several hours.

"I'm getting shot at! I think I'm shot!" the injured big rig driver said in a radio call to his employer, according to a report by The Dallas Morning News.

The employer, Jesse Medford, terminal manager with Dugan Truck Line, told the newspaper that he instructed his driver to pull over, and Medford then called 911.

I'm on my way to LJ's neck o' the woods tomorrow. I'll keep my eyes wide open.


love johnson said...

I am, as I type this, at the Admiral Club at DFW. C and I are flying out this morning for Milwaukee - lot's of snow there and no snipers!!!

Stephanie said...

Yikes. Scooter, I trust you'll be able to shoot back.

Stephanie said...

Safe travels to you both and have Merry Christmases.