Thursday, December 04, 2008

Secret Passions

Arianna Huffington has a new book teaching people how to blog. She encourages us to blog about our "secret passions". What secret passions do you have? I'm thinking...


Scooter said...

I guess my secret passion would be my new (last 15 months) hobby that I inherited from Dad. AH is right in a sense that my posts on the subject generate more hits than any other of my posts but I don't want this to turn into "that kind" of site.

Other passions that would bore the heck out of folks: collies, gardening (even though I don't really do it) and cooking (which I also don't really least well).

Stephanie said...

Cooking! Ezra Klein at The American Prospect blogs about politics/current affairs and also cooking. DO blog about cooking , especially if you're not good at it, because the failures maybe are more interesting than successes. I like to cook and to read about cooking so go to it.

Are you still collie-less? How about doggie daycare or a midday dog walker?