Friday, December 05, 2008

Star Tribune series on The Hungry Planet

I guess the Strib "The Hungry Planet" series is not solely about Cargill. Here's their description of their series:
Readers first phoned in about high milk and egg prices more than a year ago. Within months, as corn and wheat prices reached new daily highs, food was on everyone's mind. Shortages led to food riots in Haiti and a run on rice from Cambodia to Costco. So what went wrong? This series, Our Hungry Planet, found powerful and conflicting forces around the world influencing the supply and price of food. Some individuals and businesses have profited handsomely, while others went hungry and grocery bills continued to rise.
Here are the articles in the series:
  • Part One: Palm oil has become the new vegetable oil. Papua New Guinea is trying to cash in on it, lured by Cargill

  • Part Two: A Minneapolis bartended turned trader made more than $1 million as prices rose. Can he hold on?

  • Part Three: Food companies quietly raise prices by reengineering products into smaller packages. (I've been noticed this.)

  • Part Four: Volatile food prices have shoved Cambodia's poorest closer to famine

  • Part Five: Cargill's ever-growing reach deep into the food chain raises questions about its secretive ways.

  • Part Six: A Minnesota soy farmer, tired of giant agriculture conglomerates, takes his crop global

  • Part Seven (to be published Sunday): Why did those egg prices jump so high so fast?

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