Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The front flip

Paris Rosen, a man from a suburb of Minneapolis, will attempt a front flip on a motorcycle on Friday at the Summer X Games.

On how he got a spot to compete, as a newcomer:
After interviewing Rosen, Taublieb made the announcement: Rosen was an alternate for the X Games. Three days later, Cam Sinclair was hospitalized after a double back-flip went wrong, turning Rosen from alternate to X Games competitor.

Finally, he had his break, his chance at fame.
ICU, bad pun.

Here's the mentioned YouTube video:

Update: I see there are rumors that others may bring a front flip to the Summer X Games, too. Ambulances, stand by.

Update II: Walk down memory lane. Here's Jim De Champ's front flip bail from last year:

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