Wednesday, July 01, 2009

My Radio Silence

Sorry about the lack of activity on my part especially with so much juicy stuff going on of late.

The reason: I'm moving to Athens, TX!

When my folks moved there the summer before my senior year (they graciously allowed me to move in with a friend and graduate from Skyline High in Dallas...provided I move in with them the next year and make up the time with the family by attending JuCo there, formerly Henderson County Junior College--Hick Jick--now Trinity Valley Junior College), I swore I'd never be a small town guy.

Thirty years later and I'm moving behind the Pine Curtain.


Stephanie said...

I see from Wiki that Athens is the origin of the hamburger. And it's about 11,000 people? Hope your mom is doing well. Will you open an Athens branch for your firm? or are you looking for a new job? House with acres? or with your mom to tend to her?

Scooter said...

The hamburger thing is a bit mythological.

love johnson said...

Can you take the "Austin" out of you???

Scooter said...

Not that much Austin in me.