Monday, August 31, 2009

It's not been a great week and an event put on hold

As I talked about in late June, I had a big July planned. A trip to Telluride, CO over July 4th; getting my concealed handgun license and taking a motorcycle riding course. 2 of the 3 were accomplished - well, while I've passed the CHL test, I haven't received it. Supposedly because of the deluge of applications, the state of Texas is running behind in issuing them. The one that hasn't happened yet is the motorcycle course. Between days of rain and 100+ temps, I put it off until I could try to get days with no rain, not a lot of wind and below 95 temps.

However, the wait has been extended indefinitely due to some medical issues. I'm not so much of an ego-manic to believe that anyone other than a very few even care what it is, but I thought I had to mention a bit more of an explanation about why I haven't taken the course yet (in case anyone recalled that I had mentioned that I was going to do it).

I don't want to go into much detail for a couple of reasons - (1) not exactly sure what is causing the problem right now and (2) want some degree of privacy. That being said, I'm torn about talking about what is going on once the cause has been determined. I will say that the symptoms are such that I do not feel safe being on a motorcycle unless and until it's all figured out and straightened out.

I first became aware of a potential problem with taking the course in late July and was in the process of trying to work the course in during Sept between Arkansas football game trips when that had to be rethought due to the events of the past week. I can't recall too many weeks in my life (that being said, my memory isn't the greatest to begin with) that were as bad as last Tuesday thru Saturday (not counting a week long stay in the hospital with an appendix problem in the late 80's). Hopefully, by the end of this week, I'll know more about what is going on (since I have a couple of doctor's appointments) and I'll post, in more detail, about the events of last week and what happened back in late July.

As I've said to C repeatedly during the last week, it sucks getting old.


Stephanie said...

Well that's plenty damn scary. Will be thinking about you.

Stephanie said...

I guess I won't post about burning my finger while trying to make omeletes like Julia Child.