Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jack White, It Might Get Loud, and More Than a Game

We saw a documentary double header last night: It Might Get Loud and More Than a Game. (Grrr. Why oh why do the studios not allow embedding of trailers?)

It Might Get Loud brings together three rock guitar players to talk about the guitar and their experiences with it. The three are Jimmy Page, Edge, and Jack White. I loved it. Jack White is a trip. I got interested in The White Stripes when Adam mentioned them somewhere. We then got the Icky Thump album and loved it, but I didn't know anything about Jack or the "band" (Jack and his sister* Meg) before this movie.

The movie opens with a scene in which you see Jack building a guitar with some scraps of wood, nails, wire and a Coke bottle. He plugs it into an amp, plays a few notes, takes a drag on a cigarette and concludes "Who needs to buy a guitar?" It's a good metaphor for the philosophy he purports to believe which is that simple is better, technology makes things easy, easy is bad, etc. (I generally love the philosophy, but it's one of those things that is tough to live consistently, and once you start sounding sanctimonious about it you invite people to look for your own inconsistencies. It's easy enough to see some of Jack's inconsistencies. Like, why is it OK to use an amplifier or to have a harmonica mic built into your guitar?) Still, I dare you not to fall in love with him and his music.

They tell the stories of their first guitars and their entry into music. Fate, as it turns out, is a crazy thing. They talk about music they love, their influences, and the sounds they're trying to emulate or create. Edge is all over the techno tricks and sound effects which makes him a great contrast to Jack.

More Than a Game is a documentary about the team that LaBron James played for in high school. It does a nice job of telling the stories of the other players and coaches, in addition to LaBron's story. (The score is so wrong, so weirdly old sounding, that it's distracting.)

Both movies are worth seeing in a theater.

*Update: I guess Meg might be Jack White's ex-wife rather than his sister. He has at times claimed she's his sister, but people have found marriage and divorce certificates, per Wikipedia. Who knows. K cries BS for EVERYTHING Jack said in the movie (or ever), but still loves his music.


love johnson said...

C and I have been wanting to see It Might Get Loud, but just haven't found the time. Tough for us during football season....

Stephanie said...

Probably won't be in theaters for too long, and it really is fun to see in the theater, so I say make some time on a weeknight evening if you must.

Stephanie said...

LJ, are you a White Stripes fan?

love johnson said...

I have a few of their tunes on my Ipod, but own none of their cd's.