Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lyndsey Parker previews Adam's album For Your Entertainment

I hear that the music dude for the Houston Chron is disappointed in Time For Miracles. He was wanting something glammier from Adam. He shouldn't fret. TFM isn't representative of Adam's album For Your Entertainment, to be released Nov. 23. Lyndsey Parker from Yahoo Music got to preview part of the album. Her preview includes these phrases:
  • extraterrestrial electro-opus
  • freaky-deaky songs, in all their wondrously neon-lit, mirror-balled, future-shocked, robot-rockin' glory
  • Rocky Horror-meets-Robbie Williams-style
  • imagine if Mika, Sam Sparro, and Kevin Rudolf had a threesome that resulted in the conception of a glittery alien baby
  • a giant whitechocolatespaceegg
I don't quite know what to make of that, but I do think the Chron guy is going to get what he's asking for.
H/t ontd_ai or hooplamagnet.  (I won't bother to link since the content is locked.)

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