Friday, December 11, 2009

If you were 12, you'd be so excited about this, but we older folks can have fun with it too

There's a new website,, devoted to legally streaming professional music videos on demand.  It's having a lot of technical difficulties in its first few days of existence, partly due to bandwidth and partly because it doesn't seem like the programmers are done yet.  But give it a few weeks and I'm sure the kinks will be worked out.

Vevo allows you to search for videos (by artist, genre or time period) and it offers quite a few OLD music videos, so if you want to take a walk down memory lane to the 80's, you can do that.  (The earliest one I could find is performance video of Chuck Berry 1959 but it looks like Vevo has aspirations to go back further.)

Vevo allows embedding. [Update 12/13/09: Videos removed so as not to slow your page-loading time.]

If you find any old favorites of yours, do share!

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love johnson said...

I appreciate the videos, but they are hell on my virtual memory and page load time.