Friday, January 15, 2010

Whataya Want From Me and Daylight Breaks

Just released this morning, here's a new music video from Adam in support of his second single, Whataya Want From Me from the album:

And the question of the day is, who is the person behind the camera? There are several interpretations: 1) a lover; 2) fans/media/public; and/or 3) Adam himself (i.e. Regular Adam is in conflict with Star Adam).

Reviews/analysis: Rolling Stone (too safe; give us Ziggy Stardust), Jim Cantiello at MTV ("In fact, we're happy to get back in bed with [Adam].")

My perspective is so warped by adoration that I have no idea whether it works, whether it connects, whether people will be moved by angsty, lone-tear Adam, whether his acting is good enough to tug on heartstrings. It works for me. I want to make him some tea.

Speaking of angsty acting, yesterday Adam's buddy Cassidy Haley released a video for Daylight Breaks, a song from his EP Little Boys and Dinosaurs. He doesn't have a record deal. The video was produced with donations from fans. Conceptually, it's Edward Scissorhands meets Mannequin. I think it's beautiful. I love the color tint amidst the black and white. (Houston Chron's music critic Joey Guerra labeled it "gorgeous" and promoted it via Twitter.)

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