Friday, February 19, 2010

Bad-ass Hebrews and Texans

While there are still far too many Confederate flags flying in my beloved state (including one about 2 miles down the road from my old college and law school roommate's former ranchette just outside of Austin in the Hill Country, I do appreciate the solidarity many Texans show with Israel (for whom I fear more than ever given Iran's grumblings of late).

Driving between Athens and Austin many, many times over the last two years I was always amused by the US, Texas, and Israeli flags flying at a small establishment just east of Buffalo, Texas off of I-35 and Hwy 79.

Had to smile this morning at this blurb from a note to Nordlinger:

Wanted to publish a fun letter for you! It responded to something I wrote about conservative Christians and Israel.
Hey Jay,

My parents live in the Texas Hill Country, about ten miles outside of Fredericksburg specifically, and on the road to their place is a house that has three flagpoles out front: flying Old Glory, the Texas flag, and the Israeli flag. Every time I’m in the Hill Country and we drive by that house, I think of a Texan I heard who admiringly described the Israelis as “bad-ass Hebrews.” God bless Israel and God bless Texas.

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