Friday, January 14, 2011

Fandom power applied to charity

Earlier this evening, Adam posted an announcement on his official fansite that he'd like fans to make donations to a charity in lieu of sending him birthday gifts. The charity he selected this time is charity : water that funds clean drinking projects (wells and so forth) in areas lacking clean drinking water.

In honor of this being his 29th birthday, he set the goal amount at $29,000 to be raised over 85 days.

In under 6 hours, his fans donated . . . [drum roll] . . . more than $29,000 dollars.

This was accomplished without any distribution of a press release and no announcement on Twitter.


Scooter said...

Nicely done, Mr. Adam. Good cause. It's unbelievable how many still don't have access to something so basic. (Do people really send birthday gifts to celebs?)

Stephanie said...

I have no idea about the celeb-gift-giving in general.

Adam's fandom may be different in that a) a segment of it is crazed (believe me; there are levels of crazy-ness so far beyond where I am); b) he actually wears some of the stuff he gets so I see fans having fun seeing their gifts - lots of jewely - in photos of him; c) he was living in a studio apt when he become famous, so there was an initial reaction of "He needs stuff". But during the Idol tour in Summer 09, he asked people to stop giving him stuff since he no longer needed it. I should post about the charity thing that resulted from that, too.