Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Samples used in My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Over the weekend, K and I saw Four Lions and heard, over the closing credits, a melody that is included in Blame Game on Kanye's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. That sent me to Kanye's liner notes that I had not read. That, plus LJ and Scooter's interest in the 21st Century Schizoid Man sample, motivated me to investigate the samples further.

With links to a cool site that streams audio of songs with their samples, side by side, here are Kanye's samples, in track order:

Dark Fantasy: Contains samples of “In High Places” by Mike Oldfield

Gorgeous: Contains portions of the composition “You Showed Me,” written by Gene Clark and Roger McGuinn.

  • Contains elements of “It’s Your Thing,” recorded by the Cold Grits.
  • Contains elements of “Afromerica” (Francois Bernheim/Jean-Pierre Lang/Boris Bergman)
  • Contains material sampled from “21st Century Schizoid Man” performed by King Crimson Taken from the album: In The Court Of The Crimson King.
All of the Lights: None

Monster: None

So Appalled: Contains samples of the Manfred Mann’s Earth Band recording “You Are – I Am.”

Devil in a New Dress: Contains samples of the recording “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” as performed by Smokey Robinson.

  • Contains a sample of “Expo 83” performed by Backyard Heavies.
  • Contains excerpts from Rick James ‘Live at Long Beach, CA’ 1981.
Hell of a Life:
  • Contains samples of the Mojo Men recording “She’s My Baby.”
  • Contains samples of the Tony Joe White recording “Stud-Spider.”
  • Contains portions of “Iron Man,” written by T. Butler, A. Iommi, J. Osbourne and W.T. Ward (Black Sabbath).
Blame Game: Contains elements of “Avril 14” by Richard James, Aphex Twin.

Lost in the World:
  • Contains portions of “Soul Makossa,” written by M. DiBango.
  • Contains a sample of the recording “Think (About It)” as performed by Lyn Collins. Written by James Brown.
  • Contains samples of “The Woods” performed by Bon Iver
  • Contains samples of “Comment No. 1” performed by Gil Scott-Heron.
Who Will Survive in America: Contains samples of “Comment No. 1” performed by Gil Scott-Heron

Of note, the artistic use of autotune at the beginning of Lost in the World, that I'd given Kanye credit for, is almost entirely the doing of Bon Iver.


Richard Pearson said...

Wow, is a very cool site.....

Stephanie said...

Rich - whosampled is cool. Looks like a lot of work for someone to put it together. I wish they organized samples by albums, though, so I wouldn't have had to write this post!