Wednesday, May 04, 2011


It was a class act for Pres. Obama to invite Pres. Bush to join him at Ground Zero. I think Pres. Bush's decision not to attend is unfortunate, but I think Pres. Bush's intent is classy too.

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Scooter said...

Whew! On my google page the SSJ gadget had your comment stopping at "unfortu". I was almost afraid to log on to see the rest of your post. I'll go you one better than "classy" and say that President Obama's invitation rose toa level of graciousness.

As for Pres. W's decision not to attend, I suspect there were two major classy and one not so much:

(1) a desire not to step on President Obama's toes during an event "celebrating" Bin Laden's demise (???, I have mixed feelings about all the celebrating stuff and I'm not saying this will be one of those kinds of events) and

(2) a regret if not outright embarassment that getting Bin Laden didn't happen on his watch.

Not stepping on then current admin's toes/stealing limelight/thunder is something at which I think both Bush's have been very good. Former presidents are good for only a few things besides making lots of dough: State funerals and political conventions/fundraisers.