Sunday, May 15, 2011


Best new of the weekend? Athens goes wettish. Beer and wine soon to be available in Athens. I suppose it's Athens' way of going green by cutting back on gasoline consumption.

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love johnson said...

Had the same vote in swanky Southlake and it was voted down by almost 2-to-1. What cracked me up was reading letters to the editor leading up to the vote. One of the arguments in a vote against letter was that if liquor stores were allowed in Southlake, DWI's would increase, thus children would get killed. The writer said that people would go to the liquor store and in the 1-3 miles before they got home, would start drinking. And the streets of Southlake wouldn't be safe. But of course, the writer didn't mention that now, when they have to drive 10-20 miles, they somehow don't have that urge to start drinking.

And of course, you can drink in all eating establishments in Southlake. And of course you can buy beer and wine in Southlake in stores. Guess you can't get drunk on that....