Friday, February 10, 2006

9/11 documentaries

I ran across this article from James Wolcott in Vanity Fair. Of course, given my political leanings and "conspiratorial worldview", I loved it. It hit all the points that resonate with me:

1) the "fear" mentality that the current administration pushes and pushes upon us
2) the influence of the "military-industrial complex"
3) the coup d'├ętat of American foreign policy by neoconservative ideologues
4) the influence of right-wing of think tanks
5) the "taboo" of any 9/11 images or video
6) and a personal favorite, the linking, then un-linking, of Saddam Hussein and 9/11

I hope to see both movies ("Why We Fight" and "The Unrecovered"), though I have a feeling the latter will be difficult to find.


Scooter said...

1 and 2 I dismiss out of hand.

I'm not sure what the point is with 5. I've always thought the admin. ought to be flogging us with those images. Can't figure out why they don't.

6 seems irrelevant to me.

3 and 4...ABOUT TIME!

Scooter said...

If any of that was considered an attack on the author, I regret it. Perhaps I could have chosen my words more carefully, less blithely.

Simply meant to question Item 5; why haven't we been able to see those images? Seems to me that is much more a choice the media has made.

As to Item 3, some on the left seem to think that winning an election is a coup d'├ętat (how did you do the accent?...hey, I did it) or that State is somehow the fourth branch of the government. Win (I know, steal) an election...and that is what you get to do...appoint a cabinet. How quickly we forget the image of Madeleine Albright dancing in Korea?

As for the rise of the influence of right-wing think tanks (thanks for not using "ultra"), sincerely meant that I am glad that the rise of them over the last fifteen years has enabled the right to combat the left to the point that the left is bereft of ideas. I gratefully acknowledge the their seeds were sown much the likes of Buckley and even Goldwater. The mainstream think tanks were hijacked years ago.

Scooter said...

Make that seemingly bereft of ideas other than throwing more money at policies that have failed for forty years. There must be someone out there with new leftward leaning ideas.