Wednesday, February 08, 2006

UT plans expasion of DKR Memorial Stadium

From today's Austin American Statesman:

University of Texas System regents on Thursday are expected to approve spending nearly $150 million to remodel and expand Royal-Memorial Stadium.

The project, scheduled to be completed in August 2008, would boost seating capacity for football games to more than 90,000.


love johnson said...

they needed to do something - the place is a dump. while they are at it, they need to redo the south end zone. it looks rather...high-schoolish.

and with this remodeling, are they going to add another name to the stadium / scoreboard / end zone building / field?

it is a bit much, don't you think?

Michael said...

What is high-schoolish about it?

Scooter said...
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Scooter said...

When you donate your $30M to Fayetteville, you, too, can have a field, fieldhouse or whatever you'd like named after you:

Love Johnson Field at War Memorial Stadium.

Actually, more than the donor names, what I really dislike are all the ads that are sold so that once or twice a quarter I have to be told to "think outside the bun." BUT, it's business after all.

I doubt they'll touch the south end and I don't get the HS ref either unless you just mean all the names.

I, for one, don't want them to touch it...the tent on that side is semi-air conditioned (critical the first few home games of the season when we are playing U La La or some such, bands play there b/f the game, numerous TVs with the other games and, most importantly, scantily clad beauties serve beer to those of us fortunate enough to be there.

love johnson said...

From my visit there in 2003, isn't the south end zone the open end? If I reccall correctly, that end has this grass area that has a rise, that is in front of some type of building. That whole thing (the grass, the little hill, the building) looks like many high school stadiums here in Dallas. In fact, Grapevine High School's stadium has an open end (with the grass hill, the building) like that.
(plus, I have a built in anti-ut bias anyway).

And, if I were fortunate enough to have $30M to give to the U of A, it would be with the stipulation that NO name be added to the stadium. Razorback Stadium is fine. I hated it when they renamed it Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium. At least, so far, they haven't named the field or the scoreboard or the goalposts!

And on a related note, the big rumor on the UA message boards that I read is that UA and ut are going to have another home-and-home series in football in 2007/2008. The last one (2003-2004) was a big deal for us, and from what I read, something that DKR told Mack not to do again. Have you heard / read anything about that in the AAS?

Scooter said...

Yes, the south end is the open end. Has the Moncrief Fieldhouse and the tent I mentioned earlier. That end has been open since 1928(?) when the stadium was built.

No rise/slope, though.

(Why did I think it was War Memorial Stadium...was it ever?)

I haven't heard anything about DKR telling MB not to do the home and home with Arkansas. I'll look around and let you know.

I think Dodds (the AD) has a problem with scheduling big teams in the early season. I think that a terrible idea. I don't mind tuning up on a Tulane...but I want at lease one big time school before the conference schedule starts. Ohio State was huge for us last year. Besides, if you lose the close one to a big time program (and I certainly consider Arkansas a bit time program), there is plenty of time to recover...may not get a shot at the title but still should manage a BCS bowl.

Btw, UT owes a big thank you to U of A. Had you not bolted for the SEC, there probably wouldn't be a Big 12, and we'd probably still be mired in mediocrity.

Did I ever tell you that Bill Montgomery was one of my Sunday School teachers while I was growing up in Big D?

love johnson said...

No, I didn't know Bill was your Sunday school teacher. Did he ever talk about UA?

War Memorial Stadium is the one in Little Rock. And even though they just redid it (new scoreboards, fixing the outside, etc) it is a BIG time dump, especially compared to the stadium in Fayetteville.

It's funny that you should say that ut (and a&m actually) owes a thank you to us. I remember during the 1991 season going to road games and the absolute hatred directed to UA for "bolting" from the SWC. What I found ironic was that the Texas schools wanted to leave the SWC as well, but the Legislature in Austin was holding it up. We had just seen the handwriting on the wall before the Texas teams did and got out before we were stuck either in some weakened SWC or having to be an independent, which would have killed us. At the time, while the Big 8 was geographically better for us, financially the SEC was far superior (and I believe it is superior in all respects).

Scooter said...

I’m sure he did talk about UA but that was a LONG time ago (1972-73ish). What I do remember was playing football with him on Wednesday nights. My brother was his favorite receiver. Guy had an arm. Guy also had a twang.

I’m not so sure aTm needs to thank UA. They were dominating that weakened SWC. Once the Big 12 was formed, UT began pulling itself out of the doldrums and reestablished the correct order of things.