Friday, February 10, 2006

Re: 9/11 documentaries

Wolcott is a tool. He declared George Galloway "a hero for our time." He roots for hurricanes to inflict maxium damage (in a post the coward subsequently took down which, as I understand blogger ethics, is a no-no). I think I'll let Scooter handle this attack on VDH.

Not surprisingly, when I was a CLL I really liked him. Frank Rich and MoDo too. Excuse me now; I feel dirty and need to wash.

I'll address "Why We Fight" later.

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Scooter said...

If one looks at the timing of the Wolcott attack article and the VDH article attacked...last October in the middle of the Miers debacle and Libby troubles...Wolcott's certainly seemed the more accurate.

Now, with Alito confirmed, the Patriot Act apparently back on track, poll ratings heading back up, the economy soaring (unemployment to 4.7...about as close to full employment as one can get)...cartoons causing "riots," nobody caring about "domestic spying" and Europe (especially France...but I'm certain they can wimp out again) getting on board regarding Iran...

Which seems more prescient today?