Monday, February 13, 2006

Coppin' a (dhimmi) tude

The effect of the "spontaneous" riots in reaction to the publication of the cartoons in Denmark really is having a startling effect, a "chilling effect" on the press. The press may claim it is out of respect for the Muslim culture but fear (probably justified) is really what's at play here. How else can the press in the US have published so few of the offending images? This IS news. When did our press, not to mention our State Department, become such wimps? What has happened to the crusty, cigar smoking editors lionized in the past?

The Arab press has long published horrific cartoons of Jews, not to mention furthering the myth of the Protocols of Zion yet the "demonstators" want us to give up a right that they are unwilling to surrender themselves. Besides, modern western trends notwithstanding, there is no right not to be offended.

From today's Townhall article by Diana West:

"Wherever Islam conquered, surrendering dhimmi, known to Muslims as "people of the book (the Bible)," were tolerated, allowed to practice their religion, but at a dehumanizing cost."

She goes on to describe that cost:

"There were literal taxes (jizya) to be paid; these bought the dhimmi the right to remain non-Muslim, the price not of religious freedom, but of religious identity. Freedom was lost, sorely circumscribed by a body of Islamic law (sharia) designed to subjugate, denigrate and humiliate the dhimmi. The resulting culture of self-abnegation, self-censorship and fear shared by far-flung dhimmi is the basis of dhimmitude. "

Our self-censorship is our preemptive submission to dhimmitude.

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