Friday, February 17, 2006

Nat Hentoff of the Village favorite Lib

While I'm not nearly as concerned as Mssrs. Hentoff, Weyrich or Will, I do have misgivings about the horribly tagged "domestic spying" program. Mr. Hentoff employs the term, "warrantless surveilling."

Quoting Weyrich on FBI tactics, not on warrantless surveilling, "However, put another administration in power —— one bent on enforcing political correctness —— and it will no longer be Greenpeace or PETA that is under the microscope.

"It will be property-rights groups, pro-lifers, defenders of traditional values, Second Amendment stalwarts."

Part of the solution offered by Hentoff from today's JWR:

"Instead of keeping lists of who appears with whom at various meetings, it would be much more restorative of constitutional values if conservatives, liberals and independents were to unite in a campaign to strengthen the currently lamentable state of teaching the history and contents of the Constitution throughout all levels of our educational system.

How many colleges, for instance, have as many courses, if any, on that founding explanation of why we are Americans, as does the conservative Hillsdale College in Michigan? And I would start in the lower grades around the country with how we gained, and have kept, our liberties. Not jingoistic stories, but the actual tumultuous history of our Constitution. And, by the way, are key presidential advisers Alberto Gonzales, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld constitutional scholars? The president needs one."

Seems his problem is not just with the administration but also the lack of public outcry.

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