Thursday, February 16, 2006

Re: Coulter

A) Nice "peppering."

B) I'm an AC fan, having hated, HATED, her as a CLL.

C) I've (and I'll let the others speak for themselves) used that epithet.

D} Scooter, check me on this but don't we (and others) traditionally demonize the "other"?

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Scooter said...

Sure we demonize the other; I just like to do it (or hear it or read it) when it's also funny or otherwise clever.

That's why the "riots" over the cartoon and our resistance to dhimmitude are so important. I know the comment was made in a speech to an audience probably wanting red meat and she was just trying to give it to them but it was lazy. She is so gifted and funny that I was disappointed.

I'd bet it was ineffective, too, not unlike Hillary's comment about the House being run like a " know what I'm talkin' about." That one had to make even Hillary's fans cringe.

"Raghead," if I've used it, it was a long time ago and probably only in reference to Arafat. My freshman year at HCJC ('78-9) I met a lot of Iranian kids who had come to the US for school following the fall of the Shah and several became friends. Maybe I'm overly sensitive to the term because of that. I hope that this does not reflect a cumulative effect of a fifteen year pummeling of the PC culture.

She made it much funnier yesterday, not by using "jihad monkey" but by the mock surprise at the audience reaction.